GroupDocs.Editor for .NET 19.9 Release Notes

Major Features

New GetDocumentInfo method

Along with new API, GroupDocs.Editor contains new GetDocumentInfo method, that allows to get metainfo about the input document without editing it:

  • Family format and exact document format.
  • Encryption flag.
  • Number of pages/tabs.
  • Size.

New text save options

All previous versions of GroupDocs.Editor don’t contain specialized options, responsible for saving edited document in plain text format — in order to do this user should use WordProcessing save options, which don’t allow to configure parameters while saving into text. This 19.9 version of GroupDocs.Editor contains new TextSaveOptions class, that is responsible especially for saving edited document to the plain text format. TextSaveOptions class contains the next new settings:

  • Ability to specify whether to add bi-directional marks before each BiDi run when exporting in plain text format.
  • Ability to specify whether the program should attempt to preserve layout of tables when saving in the plain text format.

Other features

Lot of minor and major bug fixes and improvements over all code base.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

EDITORNET-1286New public APIFeature
EDITORNET-1287Implement GetDocumentInfo methodFeature
EDITORNET-1288New TextSaveOptionsFeature

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

New GetDocumentInfo method

The new Editor class, which supersedes deprecated EditorHandler, contains a new instance method GetDocumentInfo with the next signature:

public IDocumentInfo GetDocumentInfo(string password)

Once the document was loaded into the Editor class, this method can be called to obtain metainfo about the loaded document without actual opening it for editing.

New TextSaveOptions class

The Options namespace now contains a new TextSaveOptions class, that is responsible for saving EditableDocument with edited document content to the plain text format. It has the next signature:

/// <summary>
/// Allows to specify custom options for generating and saving plain text (TXT) documents
/// </summary>
public sealed class TextSaveOptions : ISaveOptions
    /// <summary>
    /// Character encoding of the text document, which will be applied for its saving
    /// </summary>
    public System.Text.Encoding Encoding { get; set; }
    /// <summary>
    /// Specifies whether to add bi-directional marks before each BiDi run when exporting in plain text format
    /// </summary>
    public bool AddBidiMarks { get; set; }
    /// <summary>
    /// Specifies whether the program should attempt to preserve layout of tables when saving in the plain text format. The default value is false.
    /// </summary>
    public bool PreserveTableLayout { get; set; }

Old API is moved to Legacy namespace

All public types from GroupDocs.Editor namespace 

  1. Have been moved into GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy namespace
  2. Marked as Obsolete with message: This class is obsolete and will be available till January 2020 (v20.1).

Full list of types that have been moved and marked as obsolete:

  1. GroupDocs.Editor.EditorHandler => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.EditorHandler
  2. GroupDocs.Editor.InputHtmlDocument => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.InputHtmlDocument
  3. GroupDocs.Editor.OutputHtmlDocument => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.OutputHtmlDocument
  4. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.DocumentProtectionOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.DocumentProtectionOptions
  5. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.DocumentProtectionType => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.DocumentProtectionType
  6. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.FontExtractionOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.FontExtractionOptions
  7. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.IDocumentLoadOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.IDocumentLoadOptions
  8. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.IDocumentSaveOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.IDocumentSaveOptions
  9. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.PdfCompliance => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.PdfCompliance
  10. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.PdfSaveOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.PdfSaveOptions
  11. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.SpreadsheetFormats => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.SpreadsheetFormats
  12. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.SpreadsheetSaveOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.SpreadsheetSaveOptions
  13. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.SpreadsheetToHtmlOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.SpreadsheetToHtmlOptions
  14. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.TextLeadingSpacesOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.TextLeadingSpacesOptions
  15. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.TextToHtmlOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.TextToHtmlOptions
  16. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.TextTrailingSpacesOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.TextTrailingSpacesOptions
  17. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.WordProcessingFormats => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.WordProcessingFormats
  18. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.WordProcessingSaveOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.WordProcessingSaveOptions
  19. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.WordProcessingToHtmlOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.WordProcessingToHtmlOptions
  20. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.WorksheetProtection => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.WorksheetProtection
  21. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.WorksheetProtectionType => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.WorksheetProtectionType
  22. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.XmlHighlightOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.XmlHighlightOptions
  23. GroupDocs.Editor.Options.XmlToHtmlOptions => GroupDocs.Editor.Legacy.Options.XmlToHtmlOptions

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