Memory optimization option

By default GroupDocs.Editor tries to perform computations and complete the task as fast as possible, and if this challenge requires a lot of memory to be used, GroupDocs.Editor does it. However, in some very specific cases, when processing document is very huge, and GroupDocs.Editor works in 32-bit application, which is limited to 2GiB per process, or user machine has very limited amount of free memory, the SystemOutOfMemoryException may occur. In order to solve such problem the WordProcessingSaveOptions class contains the OptimizeMemoryUsage property:

public boolean getOptimizeMemoryUsage()
public void getOptimizeMemoryUsage(boolean)

By default it has a “false” value, which means that the memory optimization is disabled for the sake of the best possible performance. By setting a “true” user can enable another document generating mechanism, which can significantly decrease memory consumption while generating large documents at the cost of slower generation time while performing the ` method.