Install using Maven

All Java packages are hosted at GroupDocs Artifact Repository. You can easily reference GroupDocs.Editor for Java API directly in your Maven project using following steps.

Add GroupDocs Artifact Repository

First, you need to specify repository configuration/location in your project as follows:

		<id>GroupDocs Artifact Repository</id>
        	<name>GroupDocs Artifact Repository</name>
repositories {
    maven {
        url ""
repositories {
    maven(url = "")
    <settings defaultResolver="chain"/>
        <chain name="chain">
            <ibiblio name="GroupDocs Repository" m2compatible="true" root=""/>
resolvers += Resolver.url("GroupDocs Repository", url(""))

Add GroupDocs.Editor as a dependency

Then define GroupDocs.Editor for Java API dependency in your pom.xml as follows:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.groupdocs:groupdocs-editor:24.4'
dependencies {
<dependency org="com.groupdocs" name="groupdocs-editor" rev="24.4">
   <artifact name="groupdocs-editor" ext="jar"/>
libraryDependencies += "com.groupdocs" % "groupdocs-editor" % "24.4"

The latest version of Editor API can be found here