GroupDocs.Editor for Java 22.9 Release Notes

This page contains release notes for GroupDocs.Editor for Java 22.9

GroupDocs.Editor for Java version 22.9 is a new groundbraking release that contains tons of a brand new feature, included a support editing of the documents within Email format family like EML, MSG and others. Number of improvements and bug fixes is countless.

So jump in and read the detailed summary about what was done during all this time when GroupDocs.Editor for Java was in the shadow.

New features and improvements

Email support

Another groundbraking feature — full support of different Email formats, including (but not limited to) EML, EMLX, MSG, PST, MBOX and others. Special article for Email.

AZW3 support

Along with previously supported Mobi, now GroupDocs.Editor for Java supports an AZW3 format, which may be considered as an advanced successor for the Mobi. Like the Mobi, for now AZW3 is accessible only for import, but not for export.

Support of new HTML elements

In the version 22.9 we’ve added support of a many new HTML-elements, including those, which are generated by MS Office when saving documents to the HTML format.

New format detector

New GroupDocs.Editor for Java version 22.9 contains a fully reworked and dramatically improved document format detector. Now automatic detection mechanism is much more robust and accurate.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

EDITORNET-2199Add PDF support on import and export with metainfo extraction and format detectionNew feature
EDITORNET-2210Implement support of XPSNew feature
EDITORNET-2228Implement Html to Email processingNew feature
EDITORNET-2216Implement Email to Html processingNew feature
EDITORNET-2217Add support of AZW3 eBook format on importNew feature
EDITORNET-2203Rework format detectorNew feature
EDITORNET-2208Expand range of supported formatsNew feature
EDITORNET-2237Add support of important flag to CSS parserNew feature
EDITORNET-2231Add support of unknown Office-generated HTML elementsImprovement
EDITORNET-2249Add support of ABBR HTML elementImprovement
EDITORNET-2250Add support of HGROUP HTML elementImprovement
EDITORNET-2241Issue when loading a doc in EditorBug
EDITORNET-2239Investigate and fix issue with API referenceBug
EDITORNET-2233Adaptive HTML markup in the EML bodyBug
EDITORNET-2254Fix issue with saving HTML resourcesBug
EDITORNET-2253Fix bug in BorderRecognizerBug
EDITORNET-2252Investigate and fix issue with duplicated LINKBug
EDITORNET-2251Investigate and fix exception with Paddings in ePub docsBug
EDITORNET-2244Improve and bugfix codebase for 22.7 releaseBug
EDITORNET-2218Cannot process AZW3 formatBug
EDITORNET-2240Footnotes and endnotes are missing after saving HTML to WordprocessingBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

New public types:

  • com.groupdocs.editor.options.EmailEditOptions
  • com.groupdocs.editor.options.EmailSaveOptions
  • com.groupdocs.editor.options.MailMessageOutput
  • com.groupdocs.editor.options.PageRange
  • com.groupdocs.editor.metadata.FixedLayoutDocumentInfo
  • com.groupdocs.editor.metadata.EmailDocumentInfo
  • com.groupdocs.editor.formats.FixedLayoutFormats
  • com.groupdocs.editor.formats.EmailFormats