Features Overview

Working with Documents Editor

GroupDocs.Editor for Java is a lightweight component that allows to edit multiple document formats in form of HTML. The editor can both translate source document into html and save edited html into source document format.


  • Ability to edit document from all major file formats - Words, Cells*, Slides*, PDF* etc (the list of supported formats will be constantly extended). Native Java API, so third party developers can easily integrate GroupDocs.Editor into their products
  • Simple to use API - couple of methods for direct and inverse document transformation with set of options for different formats
  • Storage agnostic
  • UI agnostic
  • Metered Licensing
  • Apply protection to the resultant document
  • PDF compliance
  • Reply comments and statuses
  • Optimize memory usage
  • Paginal mode for the Words document
  • Ability to open, view and edit XML document

* - marked document formats will be implemented in next versions of GroupDocs.Editor.