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Contents Summary

The code samples in this article use some of the methods defined in Working with Common Utilities.

In the previous section, we described three kinds of watermark that can be added to an Excel document using GroupDocs.Watermark API. Here we will focus on how to work with backgrounds.

Working with Backgrounds

Extracting Information about all Worksheet Backgrounds in an Excel Document

The API allows you to extract information about all the worksheet backgrounds in an Excel document as shown in the following code sample. 


Removing a Particular Background

Following code sample can be used to remove the background of a particular worksheet.


Adding Watermark to all Backgrounds in an Excel Worksheet

You can add watermark to the background images that belong to an Excel document as shown in the below code sample.


Settings Background Image for Charts

This feature is supported in v17.6.0 and greater.

GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET also allows you to set the background image for a chart inside an Excel document. Following code sample shows how to achieve this functionality.

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