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Contents Summary

The code samples in this article use some of the methods defined in Working with Common Utilities.

Adding Watermark to a Particular Slide

Using GroupDocs.Watermark, you can add watermark to a particular slide of a PowerPoint presentation in a simplified way. Adding watermark to a particular PowerPoint slide using GroupDocs.Watermark consists of following steps.

  1. Load the document
  2. Create and initialize watermark object
  3. Set watermark properties
  4. Add watermark to the document
  5. Save the document

Following code shows how to add watermark to a particular slide.


Protecting Watermark using Unreadable Characters

This feature is supported since version 18.8.

This feature allows strengthening the protection of text watermark. Using unreadable characters in the watermark text forbids the modification using Find and Replace dialog. The following code sample shows how to include unreadable characters in watermark text.


Getting Slide Dimensions

If for some reasons you want to use absolute sizing and positioning, you may also need to get the size of the slide. Use below code to get the dimensions of a particular slide.


Add Watermark to all Images inside a Particular Slide

GroupDocs.Watermark allows you to add watermark to the images inside a particular PowerPoint slide using AddWatermark method as shown in below example.


Working with Masters, Layouts, and Notes

GroupDocs.Watermark enables you to access all types of the service slides in a PowerPoint presentation. Following slides types can be accessed using the API

  • Master Slides
  • Layout Slides
  • Slides (notes slides)

Following code shows how to access each type of the slides in a PowerPoint presentation.




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