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Contents Summary

Reasons to Migrate

GroupDocs.Viewer 3.2.0 has come with many improvements and more flexibility. New version has simplified the usage of the API.


Following are the areas where improvements have been incorporated.

  • Hide/Show the hidden sheets for Excel files
  • Improve localization engine to use custom locales from path
  • User provided Excel Spreadsheet does not follow MS Excel behavior when rendered to PDF
  • Improve document processing fidelity and speed
  • Improve the quality of resized images
  • Implement storing cache files separately depends on use pdf option

Changes in API

Following are the salient API Changes:

  • Show grid lines for Excel files
  • Deny/showing multiple pages per sheet for Excel files
  • Get all supported formats
  • Show hidden sheets for Excel files
  • Localization
  • Set Words, Cells and Email document encoding
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