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Contents Summary

This feature is supported since version 19.1.

The code uses some of the objects defined in Working with Common Operations.

Rendering a Part of MS Project Document by Specified Time Interval

There is the possibility that you are required to render a part of the MS Project within the specified time interval. In that case, GroupDocs.Viewer allows rendering part of MS Project document according to specified setStartDate() and setEndDate() methods of ProjectOptions class as shown in code samples below. When only one of these properties is set, rendering starts from the project's start date or ends on the project's end date correspondingly.

The following code samples show how to render MS Project document as Image/HTML and PDF using setStartDate() and setEndDate().

Rendering as Image/HTML

These settings are available for both, ImageOptions and HtmlOptions.

Rendering as PDF

Obtaining Start and End Dates from MS Project Document

In some cases, it might be convenient to render projects by dividing into parts with an equal period of time. GroupDocs.Viewer allows achieving this first by obtaining the document's overall length and then by splitting rendering with specified start and end date options. The following code sample shows how to obtain the start date and end date of an MS Project document using getDocumentInfo() method. 

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