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Contents Summary
 The code in below examples uses some methods defined in Common Utilities

This feature is supported by version 18.1 or greater

Searching with Query in Form of Object Tree

GroupDocs.Search for .NET API facilitates the creation of complex queries and reduces the number of errors in queries. In addition, it is a more flexible way to create queries.

The Recipe

To perform date range search, following steps are needed to be followed:

  • Instantiate Index, by passing index folder path
  • Add documents folder to Index
  • Create different subqueries 
  • Combine subqueries using SearchQuery.CreatePhraseSearchQuery(subQuery1, subQuery2, subQuery3)
  • Perform search operation by passing some valid query in the search query and search parameters 
  • Save search results to SearchResults
  • Show list of searched files

The Code

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