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Contents Summary

The code in below examples uses some methods defined in Common Utilities

Keyboard Layout Corrector

This feature is supported by version 17.2 or greater.

Have you ever thought of searching a term in a language other than English or having a layout that does not match your keyboard's layout and still gets accurate results related to the search term?; wouldn't that be exciting? GroupDocs.Search for .NET API has introduced this feature which allows recognizing search queries written in a language that does not match the keyboard layout.
Keyboard Layout Corrector supports 88 languages and 164 different keyboard layouts.

Using Keyboard Layout Corrector

The Recipe

To use a keyboard layout corrector, the following steps are needed to be followed:

  • Create or load index
  • Add documents to index
  • Initialize an object of SearchParameters() and name it parameters
  • Enable keyboard layout corrector using "parameters.KeyboardLayoutCorrector.Enabled = True"
  • Search for some query written in a different layout using a * index.Search(searchQuery, parameters), e-g in below example we have used *"зфгыу" as search query, which means "pause" in Russian keyboard layout

The Code

The following code snippet shows how to use keyboard layout corrector

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