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Contents Summary

The code in below examples uses some methods defined in Common Utilities

Indexing PowerPoint Document

API allows indexing of metadata for PowerPoint Document (PPT & PPTX). Following Metadata Fields are supported:

  • Author
  • Category
  • Comments
  • Company
  • ContentStatus
  • ContentType
  • HyperlinkBase
  • Keywords
  • LastSavedBy
  • Manager
  • NameOfApplication
  • Subject
  • ApplicationTemplate
  • Title
  • LastPrinted
  • RevisionNumber
  • TotalEditingTime
  • AppVersion

Users can also run a faceted search by the fields and note that field names are case-insensitive. Following are the code snippets, how PowerPoint Document will work with this API.

The Recipe

  • Create Index
  • Add document to index
  • Search by author of presentation

The Code

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