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Contents Summary
 The code in below examples uses some methods defined in Common Utilities.

This feature is supported by version 18.12 or greater.

Blended Characters Search

GroupDocs.Search API introduces a new class of characters - blended. When indexing, blended characters are interpreted simultaneously as valid letters and as separators. For example, if the hyphen is marked as a blended character then indexing of term 'silver-gray' will result in saving of 3 terms in the index: 'silver', 'gray', and 'silver-gray'.

The Recipe

To search words having blended characters, the below steps are needed to be followed:

  • Initialize Index
  • Mark hyphen as a blended character using Index.Dictionaries.Alphabet.SetRange(new char[] { '-' }, CharacterType.Blended)

  • Get search results using Index.Search("silver-gray")

The Code

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