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Contents Summary

This feature is supported since version 19.3.

The code in below examples uses some methods defined in the Common Utilities.

Configurable Redaction 

The GroupDocs.Redaction API provides the mechanism to configure redactions in XML and apply them to any document as a single redaction profile.

The Recipe

  • Load RedactionPolicy using RedactionPolicy.Load(@"C:\RedactionPolicy.xml")

  • Get Inbound files path using Directory.GetFiles().

  • Perform redaction using Document.RedactWith(RedactionPolicy.Redactions) on each file.
  • Save redacted documents. 

The Code

Configuring Redaction Policies

If you have a corporate sensitive data removal policy as a list of redaction rules, you don't need to specify them in your code. You can specify an XML document with a list of pre-configured redactions. You can have as much policies, as you need to redact your documents.

Below is an example of redaction policy XML file (code properties mapping is obvious):

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