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Contents Summary

The code in below examples uses some methods defined in Common Utilities.

Business Case

Repetition of data can diminish the worth of an article. Working as a writer, one must follow DRY (don't repeat yourself) principle. Cross reading the articles, again and again, may cost a lot of time. Counting the statistics of word's occurrences can endeavor the goal but again it's hard to do it manually. Eventually, you need to read the whole article and keep track of the words.

The Solution

GroupDocs.Parser can save your extra time. This API permits the user to count the statistic of word's occurrences in the document. Multiple documents can be processed at once.

Statistic of Word's Occurrences Requirements

  • Give the path of the reports to the API
  • It will find top words and their occurrences


The following code will demonstrate how to attain the purpose using GroupDocs.Parser. 



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