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Contents Summary

Single Document Operations

Move Page

MovePage allows you to move one page in a document to another position. In result a new stream that contains a source document with a new page order could be obtained.

Remove Pages

Single or a collection of pages can be removed from the source document. 

Rotate Pages

RotatePages operation let you rotate pages in document. You can rotate pages by specifying rotate mode, which is 90,180,270 degrees. 

Split Document

Split operation allows you to divide a source document to several resulting documents.

Swap Page

SwapPages operation lets you swap two pages in the source document. The result is new document where two pages have their locations exchanged.

Trim Document

It allows you to cut document. The result is a new document that contains part of the source document (only specific pages).

Change Pages Orientation

ChangeOrientation operation lets you set page orientation (portrait, landscape) for pages in document.

Multiple Document Operations

Join Documents

This feature lets you join two or more documents into one. Documents must have the same format. 

Security Operations

API permits you to perform following security operations:

  • Check for password protection
  • Remove protection
  • Set protection
  • Update password protection
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