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This page contains release notes for GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 19.1

Major Features

Below is the list of most notable changes in release of GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 19.1:

  • Improved large sized files comparing in PDF
  • Improved worksheet name generation in result file
  • Implemented chart title comparing in Cells
  • Implemented autosize in auto shapes in result file generation on Cells documents
  • Implemented chart generation in result files (instead of picture) on Cells
  • Improved Paragraph absorber in PDF for comparing speed increase
  • Fixed issue with setting paragraphs line
  • Fixed issue in setting Hyperlinks in big size PDF file

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

Issue Type
COMPARISONNET-1738Improve paragraph absorber in result documentImprovement
COMPARISONNET-1742Improve charts comparing on CellsImprovement
COMPARISONNET-1760Incorrect Sheet Name in result file in CellsBug
COMPARISONNET-1747Issue in comparing large sized PDF filesBug
COMPARISONNET-1769Issue when setting ParaghraphLines.Bug
COMPARISONNET-1766Issue in setting Hyperlinks in big size PDF fileBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

This section lists public API changes that were introduced in GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 19.1. It includes not only new and obsoleted public methods, but also a description of any changes in the behavior behind the scenes in GroupDocs.Comparison which may affect existing code. Any behavior introduced that could be seen as a regression and modifies existing behavior is especially important and is documented here.

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