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Contents Summary

Working with Documents Comparison

GroupDocs.Comparison for Java is a lightweight API which allows you to compare two versions of a PDF or Office document (or other supported documents) and display differences between them through a diff view interface.


  • Compare contents & styles: API can identify both content and font style changes, including bold, italic, underlines, strike-troughs, font types, etc.
  • Get comparison summary: Once documents are processed, you can save a summery list of all changes found in the result output.
  • Accept/reject changes in Word files: After applying/rejecting changes, the resulting file can be exported to a final document in DOC or DOCX format.
  • Merge & compare up to 3 Word files: The API allows you to spot which changes come from what file. Support for Word's native Track Changes functionality When comparing Word files, the merged document can be saved as a DOC/DOCX file, reflecting all the diffs found with the Word's native "Track Changes" feature.
  • Support for streams: Documents can be read from streams and the result output can be send to streams as well.
  • Flexible API: You can compare documents programmatically on the server side, use the API in conjunction with a built-in web UI to display diffs on the web, or built your own UI from scratch.
  • File Type Detection from Stream: API can detect file type from stream
  • Password Protected File: API provides support to compare password protected files
  • Save Result Comparison as Image: The API allow to save result comparison as Image
  • Compare Specific Page Word Document: This API allows to compare specific page of the Word document.
  • Multiple Document Comparison: Multiple documents can be compared in this API
  • Compare Watermark in PDF comparison: You can compare watermarks in PDF Document.
  • Metered Licensing: This API provides functionality to use metered licensing mechanism for comparison operation.
  • Apply/Discard Changes: Once documents are processed, API allows to accept or reject changes in Word, PDF and Cell
  • Numerous File Formats Comparison rounds around multitude of supported file formats.
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