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Contents Summary

The source code in below examples uses some methods defined in Working with Common Utilities

Point Annotation

Using Next Generation GroupDocs.Annotation user can add multitude of annotations in supported file formats. In this article we will cover each and every aspect of adding Point Annotation in Diagrams.

Adding Point Annotation

Using Point Annotation user can draw a highlighted point in the document, comments can be added in the popup windows that appears by clicking this point annotation. Below are some properties used in this example to control Point Annotation appearance:

  • CreatedOn
  • Type
  • Box
  • PageNumber

User will have to define the annotation type for each annotation. AnnotationType.Point type is used for point annotation.

Code Example for Diagrams Document

Following code example shows how to add point annotation in a Diagrams document.

Download Sample

Please download the sample files used in the example.

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