GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 22.12 Release Notes

There are 5 features, improvements and bug-fixes in this release.

Full list of changes in this release

CONVERSIONNET‑5432FeatureImplement conversion to Amazon Kindle AZW3 format
CONVERSIONNET‑5643FeatureVideo to Audio conversion
CONVERSIONNET‑5700EnhancementImproved conversions from composite documents: PST/OST, MBOX, and archives
CONVERSIONNET‑5517EnhancementImproved document types classification following the File Format Guide
CONVERSIONNET‑5558FixError converting WEBP to JPG

Major features

  • Conversion to AZW3 format
  • Options to extract audio from video
  • Improved document types classification
  • Improved conversion from composite documents

Conversion to AZW3 format

To convert any of the supported file types to the AZW3 file type, just specify it in the Format property of the EBookConvertOptions class instance:

// Load the source PDF file
using (Converter converter = new Converter("sample.pdf"))
    // Set the convert options for AZW3 format
    var options = new EBookConvertOptions {
        Format = EBookFileType.Azw3
    // Convert to AZW3 format
    converter.Convert("converted.azw3", options);

Extracting audio track from video formats

Extracting audio track from video is similar to converting video, however you need to set the ExtractAudioOnly property to true and specify the desired output format in the AudioFormat property:

// Load the source AVI file
VideoLoadOptions loadOptions = new VideoLoadOptions();
loadOptions.SetVideoConnector(new VideoConnector());
using (Converter converter = new Converter("sample_with_audio.avi", () => loadOptions))
    // Set the convert options
    VideoConvertOptions options = new VideoConvertOptions
        ExtractAudioOnly = true,
        AudioFormat = AudioFileType.Ogg
    // Convert to audio file
    converter.Convert("extracted_audio.ogg", options);

Public API and backward incompatible changes

  1. Introduced a new file type: WebFileType.
  2. The PersonalStorageFileType file type becomes obsolete. Please use the EmailFileType or the DatabaseFileType types instead.
  3. The MarkupFileType file type becomes obsolete. Please use the WebFileType type instead.
  4. The DataFileType file type becomes obsolete. Please use the WebFileType type instead.
  5. Introduced new ExtractAudioOnly property of the VideoConvertOptions class.
  6. Introduced new AudioFormat property of the VideoConvertOptions class.
From GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET v23.1 we will drop support of .NET Framework 3.5. The minimal supported .NET Framework will be 4.0