GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 20.6 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 20+ features, improvements and bug-fixes in this release, most notable are:

  • Conversions from/to Md (markdown)
  • Conversions from/to Fodp
  • XML can be used as data source for conversion
  • Improved pst/ost documents info

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

CONVERSIONNET-3848FeatureImplement conversion from/to Fodp
CONVERSIONNET-3901FeatureImplement conversion from Md
CONVERSIONNET-3903FeatureImplement conversion to Md
CONVERSIONNET-3913FeatureConvert XML files as data source
CONVERSIONNET-3888ImprovementImproved document info for pst/ost documents
CONVERSIONNET-3680BugException while Converting TXT to CSV using GroupDocs.Conversion .NET API v20.1.0
CONVERSIONNET-3694BugException while Converting PDF to XLSM using GroupDocs.Conversion .NET API v20.1.0
CONVERSIONNET-3730BugException while Converting VSDX to XLSX using GroupDocs.Conversion .NET API v20.1
CONVERSIONNET-3785BugCc filed missing in EmailField 
CONVERSIONNET-3795BugPDF to XLSM Conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3818BugDOC to XLS conversion issue for a particular file
CONVERSIONNET-3820BugCan’t convert docx to xls
CONVERSIONNET-3833BugVTX to JPG conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3850BugXlsx to xlsm conversion issue 
CONVERSIONNET-3852BugDocx to csv conversion issue - cannot conver the file is corrupt or damaged
CONVERSIONNET-3876BugException if provided folder not exist in ost/pst documents
CONVERSIONNET-3878BugVTX to PNG conversion issue 
CONVERSIONNET-3879BugCannot convert a particular eml file to xls
CONVERSIONNET-3884BugImplement conversion from CFF2
CONVERSIONNET-3885BugPDF to TSV conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3890BugDOCX/DOC to XLS conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3894BugTXT to CSV/XLSX conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3926BugHTML to XLS conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3928BugDoc to Xlsx conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3938BugWrong Height and Width are returning from GetDocumentInfo method 

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

  1. Introduced new class GroupDocs.Conversion.Contracts.PersonalStorageDocumentInfo

    /// <summary>
    /// Contains personal storage document metadata
    /// </summary>
    public class PersonalStorageDocumentInfo : DocumentInfo
        /// <summary>
        /// Is storage password protected
        /// </summary>
        public bool IsPasswordProtected { get; }
        /// <summary>
        /// Root folder name
        /// </summary>
        public string RootFolderName { get; }
        /// <summary>
        /// Get count of contents in the root folder
        /// </summary>
        public int ContentCount { get; }
        /// <summary>
        /// Folders in the storage
        /// </summary>
        public IList<string> Folders { get; }


    const string source = "ContactsExport.pst";
    using(var converter = new Converter(source))
        var documentInfo = converter.GetDocumentInfo();
        var pstInfo = (PersonalStorageDocumentInfo) documentInfo;
        foreach (var folder in pstInfo.Folders)
  2. Introduced new property in class XmlLoadOptions

    /// <summary>
    /// Use Xml document as data source
    /// </summary>
    public bool UseAsDataSource { get; set; }


    var source = "sample.xml";
    using (var converter = new Converter(source, () => new XmlLoadOptions { UseAsDataSource = true; }))
        var options = new SpreadsheetConvertOptions();
        converter.Convert("converted.xlsx" , options);