Get possible conversions

There are multiple target formats available when convert documents with GroupDocs.Conversion and you can always refer to supported document formats documentation for more details.
But what about getting possible conversions programmatically - for example it’s needed to allow end user to select target format for a specific document or it’s required to display the complete list of supported formats?
Fortunately GroupDocs.Conversion API provides several ways to achieve this, so please check available options below.

Get possible conversions for specific document

When you need to know possible conversions for a provided source document you can do this by following the below steps:

The PossibleConversions collection returned as method result will contain a complete list of possible conversions for source document type.

The following code sample demonstrates how to get possible conversions of the source document:

using (Converter converter = new Converter("sample.docx"))
    PossibleConversions conversions = converter.GetPossibleConversions();
    Console.WriteLine("The source document is of type {0} and could be converted to:", conversions.Source.Extension);

    foreach (var conversion in conversions.All)
        Console.WriteLine("\t {0} as {1} conversion.", conversion.Format, conversion.IsPrimary ? "primary" : "secondary");

Get all available conversions 

If it is required to programmatically obtain collection of all supported conversions it is as easy as calling static GetAllPossibleConversions method of Converter class.

The following code sample demonstrates how to get all possible conversions:

var allPossibleConversions = Converter.GetAllPossibleConversions();
foreach (var possibleConversions in allPossibleConversions)
    Console.WriteLine($"Source format: {possibleConversions.Source.Description}");
    foreach (var primary in possibleConversions.Primary)
        Console.WriteLine($"\t...can be converted to {primary.Description}");
    foreach (var secondary in possibleConversions.Secondary)
        Console.WriteLine($"\t...can be converted to {secondary.Description}");

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