Convert DWFX to PPTX

A DWFx (Design Web Format XPS) is a a formatted representation of 2D/3D drawing as XPS document. It contains graphics and text as part of design data. It is the newest version of DWF file format and can be viewed and printed with the Microsoft XPS Viewer. The XPS nature of these files lets you share the design data with reviewers without requiring them to install Autodesk Design Review. Similar to DWF, DWFx is developed by Autodesk in compressed format to make transmission over the internet suitable. A single DWFx file can contain one or multiple drawings and sheet sets.

Steps to convert DWFX to PPTX in C#

GroupDocs.Conversion allows developers to convert the DWFX file to PPTX format in an easy and intuitive way just using a few lines of code as described below:

  • Create an instance of Converter class and pass source DWFX file path as a constructor parameter. You may specify absolute or relative file path as per your requirements.
  • Create an instance of PresentationConvertOptions class.
  • Call Converter class Convert method and pass the filename for the converted PPTX file and the PresentationConvertOptions object from the previous step as parameters.
// Load the source DWFX file
using (var converter = new GroupDocs.Conversion.Converter("sample.dwfx"))
    // Set the convert options for PPTX format
   var options = new PresentationConvertOptions();
    // Convert to PPTX format
    converter.Convert("converted.pptx", options);

Code Examples

Please find more use-cases and complete C# sources of our backend and frontend examples and try them for free!

DWFX to PPTX Live Demo

GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET provides an online DWFX to PPTX converter, which allows you to try it for free and check conversion quality and accuracy.

“Convert DWFX to PPTX”