Convert files to various formats

GroupDocs.Conversion provides a quick and easy way to convert files from some source format to various range of target formats. Conversion process from the user’s point of view is pretty simple - source document is loaded to a converter and after conversion is completed, result is saved to a desired file path at local disk or other storage. 

By default when performing internal calculations GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET will use some predefined settings that are most suitable for loading and saving specified file format. However, conversion process can always be adjusted by setting specific LoadOptions to modify the way source document is loaged - for example it’s needed to hide document comments, setup fonts substitution, set password for protected document etc. Also ConvertOptions class is used to manage converted document - add watermarks into resultant document, change pages orientation, set images height/widht or resolution and many more.

The common conversion workflow is always include the following 3 steps:

These documentation articles are explaining in details how to convert a file to the most popular formats:

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