Convert to Presentation with advanced options

GroupDocs.Conversion provides PresentationConvertOptions to give you control over conversion result when convert to presentation format. Along with common convert options from base class PresentationConvertOptions has the following additional options:

  • Format - desired result document type. Available options are: Ppt, Pps, Pptx, Ppsx, Odp, Otp, Potx, Pot, Potm, Pptm, Ppsm
  • Password - if set, the converted document will be password protected with the specified password
  • Zoom - specifies the zoom level in percentage

Following code snippet shows how to convert to Presentation with advanced options.

using (Converter converter = new Converter("sample.docx"))
    PresentationConvertOptions options = new PresentationConvertOptions
        PageNumber = 2,
        PagesCount = 1,
        Format = PresentationFileType.Ppt
    converter.Convert("converted.ppt", options);

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