In some cases document conversion may be a time-consuming operation (dependent on source document content, structure and complexity). For such situations caching can be a solution - converted document is stored into cache (for example at the local drive) and in a case of repetitive conversions of the document, GroupDocs.Conversion uses cached representation. 

To enable caching you have to:

Here is a code that demonstrates how to enable caching for GroupDocs.Conversion.

string cachePath = "c:\output\cache";
FileCache cache = new FileCache(cachePath);
Contracts.Func<ConverterSettings> settingsFactory = () => new ConverterSettings
    Cache = cache
using (Converter converter = new Converter("sample.docx", settingsFactory))
    PdfConvertOptions options = new PdfConvertOptions();
    Stopwatch stopWatch = Stopwatch.StartNew();
    converter.Convert("converted.pdf", options);
    Console.WriteLine("Time taken on first call to Convert method {0} (ms).", stopWatch.ElapsedMilliseconds);
    converter.Convert("converted-1.pdf", options);
    Console.WriteLine("Time taken on second call to Convert method {0} (ms).", stopWatch.ElapsedMilliseconds);

More resources

GitHub Examples

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