How to run examples

The complete project GroupDocs.Conversion Examples with code examples and sample files is hosted on GitHub.

Run examples using Maven

To get started make sure that Maven is installed.

  1. Clone repository with examples git clone
  2. Navigate to the examples folder cd ./GroupDocs.Conversion-for-Java/Examples/
  3. Resolve dependencies and build the examples with the mvn compile command.
  4. Run the examples with the mvn exec:java command.

To check what examples are available open ./src/main/java/com/groupdocs/conversion/examples/ file using your favorite text editor. Uncomment examples that you want to run and type mvn compile exec:java to start them.

Run examples using Eclipse IDE

To run the examples using Eclipse IDE import the project to get started with it:

  1. Go to the File menu and click Open Projects from File System...
  2. Open the Examples folder.
  3. Open the file and uncomment the examples you want to run.
  4. Go to the Run menu and click Run.

The following screenshot shows the Examples project opened in Eclipse IDE.

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java Examples in Eclipse IDE


If you like to add or improve an example, we encourage you to contribute to the project. All examples in this repository are open source and can be freely used in your own applications.

To contribute, you can fork the repository, edit the source code, and create a pull request. We will review the changes and include them in the repository if found helpful.