GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 21.1 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 20+ features, improvements and bug-fixes in this release, most notable are:

  • Conversions to Dif
  • Conversions from/to SXC
  • Conversions from AI
  • Conversions from/to Emz
  • Conversions from/to Wmz
  • Conversions from/to Svgz
  • Conversions from LOG file format
  • Extended meta data for word processing documents with TableOfContent
  • Extended meta data for pdf documents with TableOfContent
  • Fixed conversions from XLSX to PNG
  • Fixed conversions from DWG to DOCX
  • Properly detect email type even if file extension is incorrect
  • Conversions from Mhtml
  • Improved page extraction when converting from wordprocessing documents
  • Improved csv/ods pagination

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

CONVERSIONNET-3968FeatureImplement conversion to Dif
CONVERSIONNET-3970FeatureImplement conversion from SXC
CONVERSIONNET-3971FeatureImplement conversion to SXC
CONVERSIONNET-4039FeatureImplement conversion from AI
CONVERSIONNET-4042FeatureImplement conversion from/to Emz
CONVERSIONNET-4043FeatureImplement conversion from/to Wmz
CONVERSIONNET-4044FeatureImplement conversion from/to Svgz
CONVERSIONNET-4054FeatureLOG file format support
CONVERSIONNET-4163FeatureImplement conversion from Mhtml
CONVERSIONNET-4006ImprovementChange watermark font property from System.Drawing.Font to own class
CONVERSIONNET-4095ImprovementExtend WordprocessingDocumentInfo with TableOfContents property
CONVERSIONNET-4096ImprovementExtend PdfDocumentInfo with TableOfContents property
CONVERSIONNET-4146ImprovementIntroduce new load option to exclude Excel checks when converting from Spreadsheet document types
CONVERSIONNET-4205ImprovementImproved page extraction when converting from word documents
CONVERSIONNET-4208ImprovementCsv/ods pagination
CONVERSIONNET-3707BugException while Converting WMF to DOC using GroupDocs.Conversion .NET API v20.1.0 As Image export failed
CONVERSIONNET-3809BugPDF to ODS conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3851BugPDF to HTML conversion issue, additional space in a word
CONVERSIONNET-3891BugDOCX to PDF conversion issue for a particular file
CONVERSIONNET-3893BugVSDX to PNG Conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3911BugPDF to CSV conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3962BugPPT/PPTX to XLS conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3997BugConversion is stuck
CONVERSIONNET-3998BugXLSM to PDF - Index was outside the bounds of the array
CONVERSIONNET-4022BugBad image quality for low resolution PNG
CONVERSIONNET-4056BugHTML to PDF conversion, characters issue
CONVERSIONNET-3772BugXLSB to XLS conversion - The column index should not be inside the pivottable report
CONVERSIONNET-3826BugPDF to HTML conversion taking too longĀ 
CONVERSIONNET-3851BugPDF to HTML conversion issue, additional space in a word
CONVERSIONNET-3936BugODG to PPT conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3985BugCould not load the file 'Aspose.Slides'. exception when targeting Xamarin.Mac Full / .NET Framework 4.5
CONVERSIONNET-3999BugXLSM to PDF - The row index should not be inside the pivottable report
CONVERSIONNET-4124BugJPG to BMP conversion throws an exception
CONVERSIONNET-3786BugXLSB to XLSX conversion issue for a particular file
CONVERSIONNET-3788BugWMF to GIF conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-3934BugXLSX to PNG conversion produces only black image
CONVERSIONNET-4143BugConversion take to much time
CONVERSIONNET-4152BugDWG to DOCX conversion issue
CONVERSIONNET-4161BugCannot convert Email document if the file format doesn’t match file extension
CONVERSIONNET-4157BugNot supported file type exception
CONVERSIONNET-4180BugDOCX->PDF conversion: ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’
CONVERSIONNET-4206BugFailed conversion from particular Mhtml to Pdf
CONVERSIONNET-4211BugException is thrown when converting particular Html document to Xlsx
CONVERSIONJAVA-1035BugXLS to PDF conversion issue
CONVERSIONJAVA-1153BugDOCX to PDF conversion issue
CONVERSIONJAVA-1074BugParagraph splitting issue in PDF to DOCX conversion
CONVERSIONJAVA-1187BugLicense issue when both Comparison and Conversion APIs are used together
CONVERSIONJAVA-1189BugLoading certain documents from stream raise an exception
CONVERSIONJAVA-1209BugTIFF to PDF conversion issue

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

  1. Introduced new property in class WatermarkOptions

    * Watermark font if text watermark is applied
    * @return font
    public Font getWatermarkFont();
    * Sets Watermark font if text watermark is applied
    * @param watermarkFont font
    public void setWatermarkFont(Font watermarkFont);
  2. Following properties are marked as obsolete

    • GroupDocs.Conversion.Options.Convert.WatermarkOptions property getFont() / setFont() - will be removed in v21.3. Property getWatermarkFont() / setWatermarkFont must be used instead.
  3. Following properties are removed

    • From GroupDocs.Conversion.ConverterSettings property getDefaultFont() / setDefaultFont()
    • From GroupDocs.Conversion.Options.Load.EmailLoadOptions property isConvertAttachments() / setConvertAttachments()
  4. Introduced new property in class WordprocessingDocumentInfo

    * Table of contents
    public List<TableOfContentsItem> getTableOfContents()
  5. Introduced new property in class PdfDocumentInfo

    * Table of contents
    public IEnumerable<TableOfContentsItem> getTableOfContents();
  6. Introduced new class GroupDocs.Conversion.Contracts.TableOfContentsItem

    * Contains Table of contents item metadata
    public class TableOfContentsItem {
        * Bookmark title
        public string getTitle();
        * Bookmark page
        public int getPage();


    String source = "sample-toc.docx";
    Converter converter = new Converter(source);
    try {
        WordprocessingDocumentInfo documentInfo = (WordprocessingDocumentInfo) converter.getDocumentInfo();
        for (TableOfContentsItem tocItem : documentInfo.getTableOfContents()) {
            System.out.println(tocItem.getTitle() + ": " + tocItem.getPage());
    } finaly {
  7. Introduced new property in class SpreadsheetLoadOptions

    * Whether check restriction of excel file when user modify cells related objects.
    * For example, excel does not allow inputting string value longer than 32K.
    * When you input a value longer than 32K, if this property is true, you will get an Exception.
    * If this property is false, we will accept your input string value as the cell's value so that later
    * you can output the complete string value for other file formats such as CSV.
    * However, if you have set such kind of value that is invalid for excel file format, you should not save
    * the workbook as excel file format later. Otherwise there may be unexpected error for the generated excel file.
    public boolean isCheckExcelRestriction();
    public boolean setCheckExcelRestriction();