Convert PowerPoint presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations of PPT and PPTX formats are widely used for slideshows that contain rich multimedia materials, and as a modern software replacement for old slide projector devices. Microsoft Office suite includes PowerPoint and other tools, like Word and Excel, for better office productivity.
Although Microsoft Office provides a possibility to save PPT or PPTX presentations to other formats like images, HTML, XML etc. It may be boring, time consuming and ineffective to save a large number of files manually.

In such a situation, GroupDocs.Conversion for Java will help you with converting presentations into a wide range of output file formats (see full list of supported presentation conversions). And you don’t even need to install any third-party software for that! Everything can be made with just several lines of Java code.

This article explains how to convert PPT (or PPTX) presentations to another file formats programmatically with Java language.

Convert PPT to PPTX

Before we will take a deeper look at transforming PPT/PPTX presentations into other formats let’s learn how to convert PPT to PPTX (and vice versa).

The key difference between these two formats is that PPT specifies the Binary File Format used by Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003, and the PPTX format is based on the Microsoft PowerPoint open XML presentation file format that you can open on a PC in PowerPoint 2007 (or Mac in PowerPoint 2008) and newer versions.

The basic PPT to PPTX conversion could be performed using the code snippet below. The sequence of required steps is quite intuitive - load source PPT file into Converter object and call convert method to save converted PPTX file (PPTX format is default when instantiating PresentationConvertOptions object without calling setFormat method.

// Load the source PPT file
Converter converter = new Converter("sample.ppt");
PresentationConvertOptions options = new PresentationConvertOptions();
// Save converted PPTX file
converter.convert("converted.pptx", options);

An opposite conversion from PPTX to PPT is also could be implemented with minimum of Java code. The main difference is that PresentationConvertOptions object setFormat method should be called with parameter set to PresentationFileType.Ppt. Please take a look at the code example below:

// Load the source PPTX file
Converter converter = new Converter("sample.pptx");
PresentationConvertOptions options = new PresentationConvertOptions();
// Save converted PPT file
converter.convert("converted.ppt", options);

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Portable Document Format (PDF) is very popular nowadays for many reasons, therefore converting PowerPoint presentation to PDF format is also quite a demanding feature for customers from different areas. PowerPoint presentations could be presented in multiple file formats like PPT, PPTX, PPSM, PPS etc., so let’s see how to convert them into PDF using Java code.

The actual process of conversion is very simple - provide your presentation file to Converter, call Convert method which will do all necessary transformations and save output PDF file where you want it to be saved. Let’s review just several code examples of conversion to PDF, as for other presentation formats it’s almost the same - the only difference is a file extension of your input presentation file.

Convert PPTX to PDF

Here is an example of PPTX presentation basic conversion to PDF format. As you can see it’s pretty simple and straightforward.

// Load the source PPTX file
Converter converter = new Converter("sample.pptx");
PdfConvertOptions options = new PdfConvertOptions();
// Save converted PDF file
converter.convert("converted.pdf", options);

Convert PPSM to PDF

Files with PPSM extension represent Macro-enabled Slide Show file format created with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or higher. Another similar file format is PPTM which differs in opening with Microsoft PowerPoint in editable format instead of running as Slide Show. When run as a slideshow, the PPSM file shows the presentation slides with contents intact in the slide show and is in read-only mode by default. PPSM files can still be edited in Microsoft PowerPoint by opening it in PowerPoint.

The Java code required for converting PPSM into PDF is provided below.

// Load the source PPSM file
Converter converter = new Converter("sample.ppsm");
PdfConvertOptions options = new PdfConvertOptions();
// Save converted PDF file
converter.convert("converted.pdf", options);

Convert Presentation to image

There is often a need to transform a PowerPoint presentation into a collection of images. Of course it could be manually exported with help of Microsoft PowerPoint, but in case you don’t have it at hand or in case there is a big number of presentations to be converted, it’s more convenient to convert the presentation to images programmatically.
No matter which image format you choose - GroupDocs.Conversion supports a wide range of them - PNG, JPG/JPEG, TIF/TIFF, GIF (and many others).

Here is a code snippet that shows how to convert PPTX to PNG image in Java programming language:

SavePageStream getPageStream = page => new FileOutputStream(String.format("converted-slide-%s.png", page));
// Load the source PPTX file
Converter converter = new Converter("sample.pptx");
// Set the convert options for PNG format
ImageConvertOptions options = new ImageConvertOptions();
// Convert to PNG format
converter.convert(getPageStream, options);