GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 20.4 Release Notes

Major Features

Below the list of changes in release of GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 20.4:

  • Added new function for show only inserted content
  • Improved function for showing target text for Presentations, Spreadsheet and Diagrams
  • Improved exception usage 
  • Fixed issues with library compatibility for Spreadsheed and Notes
  • Fixed number of exception while comparing Diagrams
 KeySummaryIssue Type
COMPARISONNET-2234Implement ShowInsertedContent FunctionFeature
COMPARISONNET-2269Improve GetTargetText function for DiagramsImprovement
COMPARISONNET-2242Improve GetTargetText function for SlidesImprovement
COMPARISONNET-2241Improve GetTargetText function for CellsImprovement
COMPARISONNET-2271Improve exceptions usageImprovement
COMPARISONNET-2272Unsupported Diagram Format Exception in Update testsBug
COMPARISONNET-2270Null Reference Exception in DiagramsBug
COMPARISONNET-2267Compatibility issue with Cells library when upgrade to version 20.3Bug
COMPARISONNET-2239Compatibility issue when updating Note libraryBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Show inserted content

Starting from version 20.4 GroupDocs.Comparison provides the ability to disable the display of added content in the result file.

To use this feature you should specify in *CompareOptions ShowInsertedContent *propertyto false.

CompareOptions options = new CompareOptions();
options.ShowInsertedContent = false;

using (Comparer comparer = new Comparer(sourceDocumentPath))
     comparer.Compare(File.Create(outputPath), new SaveOptions(), options);

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