GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 19.6 Release Notes

This page contains release notes for GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 19.6

Major Features

Below is the list of most notable changes in release of GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 19.6:

  • Fixed problem when sections moved to the new page
  • Fixed typos in API reference
  • Implemented sensitivity option
  • Implemented calculation coordinates of changes for Words documents
  • Fixed content overlapping in resultant PDF documents
  • Fixed problem when sections moved to the new page
  • Integrated credit based billing system using latest version of Metered

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

KeySummaryIssue Type
COMPARISONNET-1846Calculate correct coordinates of changes for WordsImprovement
COMPARISONNET-1929Implement sensitivity optionImprovement
COMPARISONNET-1901Integrate latest version of Dynabic.Metered into productsImprovement
COMPARISONNET-1815Ignore comments (for code files mostly)Improvement
COMPARISONNET-1816Ignore White Space - All, Leading, Trailing, Changes in amountImprovement
COMPARISONNET-1813Ignore Case - Ignore character case differencesImprovement
COMPARISONNET-1927Merged Document and then document Comparison failedBug
COMPARISONNET-1891Text got overlapped with other text or imagesBug
COMPARISONNET-1930Duplicate Images in Result file in PDFBug
COMPARISONNET-1772PDF comparison has overlapping and mangled outputBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

This section lists public API changes that were introduced in GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 19.6. It includes not only new and obsoleted public methods, but also a description of any changes in the behavior behind the scenes in GroupDocs.Comparison which may affect existing code. Any behavior introduced that could be seen as a regression and modifies existing behavior is especially important and is documented here.
  1. Setting Comparison Detail level

    1. If we set DetailLevel = Middle, we don’t  add comment in some document formats (Words, Slides, Cells) if element was added\deleted\modified
    2. If we set DetailLevel = Middle, we don’t make case insensitive comparison. i.e. M = m.
    3. Was added sensitivity property. This option defined limit in percents, when element is detected as deleted or inserted.

    Minimal value - 0, comparison process not occurs for any length of sequences of two compared objects.

    Value by default - 75 comparison occurs when the percentage of deleted or inserted elements in relation to all elements does not exceed 75%

    Maximum value - 100. Comparison occurs at any length of a common subsequence of two compared objects..

    For instance, we have two words


    This two words have very small a common subsequence.Therefore, when comparing them at 70% accuracy, it is not taken into account and we get a completely removed and inserted word:


    But at 100% accuracy, we take into account this subsequence, despite the fact that it consists of two letters


    Code snippet:

    string source = "source.txt";
    string target = "target.txt";
    ComparisonSettings settings = new ComparisonSettings();
    settings.SensitivityOfComparison = 100;
    Comparer compare = new Comparer();
    ICompareResult result = compare.Compare(source, target, settings);