GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 17.8.0 Release Notes

This page contains release notes for GroupDocs.Comparsion for .NET 17.8.0

Major Features

The most notable are for GroupDocs.Comparison 17.8.0:

  • Added comparing Note documents
  • Improvemet Cells comparison
  • Fixed a number of Comparison.Slides iisue
  • Upated logger
  • added new features for Cells format (Pivot tables, header and footers)
  • Fixed summary page working

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

KeySummaryIssue Type
COMPARISONNET-1367Comparison.Cells: Add support Headers and FootersNew Feature
COMPARISONNET-1365Add support for headers and footers for pivot tablesNew Feature
COMPARISONNET-1362Add support of pivot tables in CellsNew Feature
COMPARISONNET-1305Add support of OneNote format by GroupDocs.Comparison for .NETNew Feature
COMPARISONNET-1378Find correct position of pivot table if its coordinates have already been usedImprovement
COMPARISONNET-1372Cells comparison improvementImprovement
COMPARISONNET-1358GroupDocs.Comparison.Slides: Add support of HyperLinks on ShapeImprovement
COMPARISONNET-1326Update loggerImprovement
COMPARISONNET-1370Licensing is not workingBug
COMPARISONNET-1315Comparison.Cells: Improve accepting and rejecting of components with hyperlinksBug
COMPARISONNET-1376Summary Page is not working with API v 17.7.0Bug
COMPARISONNET-1291Comparison.Slides: Accept\Reject bugsBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

This section lists public API changes that were introduced in GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 17.8.0. It includes not only new and obsoleted public methods, but also a description of any changes in the behavior behind the scenes in GroupDocs.Comparison which may affect existing code. Any behavior introduced that could be seen as a regression and modifies existing behavior is especially important and is documented here.