How to Compare Price Lists

There are three or more price list for few years (For example: “2018”, “2019”, “2020”) in the XLSX format and you need to compare their contents.

Target #1
Target #2![](comparison/java/images/price-list-comparison_2.png)

GroupDocs.Comparison provides the ability to compare three or more files in XLSX format(or any other supported file formats).

The following are the steps to compare three or more XLSX files

  • Instantiate Comparer object with source document path or stream;
  • Call add method and specify target document path or stream. Repeat this step for every target document;
  • Call compare method.

The following code samples demonstrate how to compare three or more XLSX files.

try (Comparer comparer = new Comparer(SOURCE_FILE)) {

As a result, we get a XSLX file where the deleted elements are marked in red, the added – in blue, and the modified – in green

Result Price List