How to Compare Invoices

Sometimes you need to achieve maximum accuracy in comparing files. Suppose you have two versions of an important document, and you need to find differences character-by-character or the opposite case, you need to compare the documents, but the details are not important to you, and you only need words that have changes. GroupDocs.Comparison provides the ability to compare documents with sensitivity settings

For example, there are two invoices in the DOCX format and you need to compare their contents with the maximum level of detail and comparison sensitivity.

Source InvoiceTarget Invoice

GroupDocs.Comparison provides the ability to compare two files in DOCX format(or any other supported file formats) with adjustment of detalization level andcomparison sensitivity.

The following are the steps to compare two DOCX files with specific settings of detalization level andcomparison sensitivity.

The following code samples demonstrate how to compare two DOCX files.

As a result, we get a DOCX file where the deleted elements are marked in red, the added – in blue, and the modified – in green

Result Invoice

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Advanced Usage Topics

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GitHub Examples

You may easily run the code above and see the feature in action in our GitHub examples:

Free Online App

Along with full-featured Java library we provide simple, but powerful free Apps. You are welcome to compare your DOC or DOCX, XLS or XLSX, PPT or PPTX, PDF, EML, EMLX, MSGand other documents with free to use online GroupDocs Comparison App.