GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 22.3 Release Notes

Major Features

Below is the list of most notable changes in release of GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 22.3:

  • Implemented replacement for empty lines, instead of displaying changes in result document for paragraphs in Word format
  • Implemented сomparison of values from string variables
  • Improved image comparison in Cells format
  • Improved creating charts in Cells format
  • Improved display of components with styles changes for Word format
  • Improved informativeness of error messages in PDF format
  • Improved comparison of merged cells in Cells format
  • Improved processing of paragraphs with style changes in PDF format
  • Improved image generation in PreviewOptions for Words documents
  • Improved calculation of coordinates for run for Words documents
  • Added new parameter to image style comparison that allows you to track the markup type in Word format
  • Removed redundant span tags around unchanged text in HTML
  • Fixed issue with closing streams while comparing text documents
  • Fixed and improved Header/Footer component comparison
  • Fixed and improved lists handling
  • Fixed handling of some unsupported file signatures
  • Fixed coordinate calculation for changes in ChangeInfo list
  • Fixed creation of charts in some cases in Excel format
  • Fixed creation of resulting document in HTML format
  • Fixed change list counting in Diagram format
  • Fixed getting information about page number and size for changes when calling getChanges() method
  • Fixed getting page information and coordinates for Hyperlink component in Word format
  • Fixed comparison of empty cells with changed style in Cells format
  • Fixed comparison of specific paragraphs in PDF format
  • Fixed display of paragraphs with a table of contents in PDF format
  • Fixed an issue when comparing some annotations in PDF format
  • Fixed display of ComponentType property in the list of changes from the getChanges() method
  • Fixed display of text styles on PropertySummaryPage
  • Fixed setting page numbers for changes for Note and Text document formats
  • Fixed setting coordinates and page information for some changes in Word document format
  • Fixed setting coordinates for changes in Cells documents and Word documents with comments
  • Fixed display logic of empty SummaryPage
  • Fixed issue with displaying marked changes if the change takes several lines
  • Fixed issue with displaying marked paragraph changes
  • Fixed issue with Word changes having unnecessary objects
  • Fixed issue with hyperlinks in Diagram not counting in SummaryPage
  • Fixed issue with getChanges method not returning nested content
  • Fixed issue with HTML title in result file containing unnecessary tag.
  • Fixed issue with MarkNestedContent property in Diagram removing changes
  • Fixed issue related to error when comparing HTML documents
  • Fixed lost alternative text’s title in Cells
  • Fixed issue with grouped objects not comparing in PowerPoint documents
  • Fixed issue with Word and PDF changes counters returning incorrect number of changes
  • Fixed issue with presentation file not reflecting style changes
  • Fixed issue with wrong height in PDF result output
  • Fixed incorrect calculating of coordinates for PDF with Images
  • Fixed issue with Cells output file containing changes from fully deleted worksheet when MarkNestendContent property is disabled
  • Fixed issue with Imaging changes counters returning incorrect number of changes
  • Fixed issue with PDF output file containing warning message
  • Fixed issue with HTML elements not comparing by attributes
  • Fixed incorrect text positioning in PDF
  • Fixed Comparison crash in specific Words documents
  • Fixed issue with HTML comparing for Comparison App
  • Fixed issue with image comparing for Comparison App
  • Fixed issue with particular PDFs returning no result

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

KeySummaryIssue Type
COMPARISONNET-2560Word Document comparison output is not as expectedBug
COMPARISONNET-2597Excel files comparison issueBug
COMPARISONNET-2624Incomplete creating chartsBug
COMPARISONNET-2626Cannot get the line difference and how to show style changes details in outputBug
COMPARISONNET-2627Prevent situation when during comparing text file stream is emptyBug
COMPARISONNET-2667Compare input stringsFeature
COMPARISONJAVA-895Spreadsheet Comparison output is not as expectedImprovement
COMPARISONNET-2659Improve creating of gap linesImprovement
COMPARISONNET-2651Lots of changes for deletion of HeaderFooterBug
COMPARISONNET-2655Comparison issue in Word documents with numbered listBug
COMPARISONNET-2686Exception throws when try to compare file with itself without licensingBug
COMPARISONNET-2687Error about memory leaking is shown for any errorBug
COMPARISONNET-2629API is not tracking the position change for an image in the Word fileFeature
COMPARISONNET-2631Issue display some special characters in HtmlBug
COMPARISONNET-2691Issue with comparing Charts in Cells formatBug
COMPARISONNET-2694Document comparison result has no/wrong box position dataBug
COMPARISONNET-2715Issue with getting list of changes for DiagramsBug
COMPARISONNET-2720Change logic of getting information about page in changesImprovement
COMPARISONNET-2760Issue with comparing merged cellsBug
COMPARISONNET-2716Comparing PDF files takes too much timeBug
COMPARISONNET-2762Issue with compare empty cells with changed styleBug
COMPARISONNET-2759Comparison API slides changes dont have pageNumberBug
COMPARISONNET-2763Comparison API word hyperlink problemBug
COMPARISONNET-2593Summary Page does not count moved text blocksImprovement
COMPARISONNET-2454Part of the symbols are not displayed when comparing PDF filesBug
COMPARISONNET-2787Object reference error when comparing PDF documents that contains annotationsBug
COMPARISONNET-2786Issue with displaying PropertySummaryPageBug
COMPARISONNET-2790Groupdocs.Comparison API Text files changes don’t have page numberBug
COMPARISONNET-2791Groupdocs.Comparison API Notes documents changes don’t have page numberBug
COMPARISONNET-2818Issue with detecting PageNumber in nodesBug
COMPARISONNET-2839Issue with displaying marked changesBug
COMPARISONAPP-56Fix changes coordinates for Cells documentsBug
COMPARISONNET-2843Issue with displaying marked paragraph changesBug
COMPARISONNET-2842Issue with displaying marked changes with transfer to new lineBug
COMPARISONNET-2792Groupdocs.Comparison API Word changes have unnecessary objectsBug
COMPARISONNET-2866Changing empty SummaryPage formatBug
COMPARISONNET-2865Improved calculation of coordinates for run for Words documentsImprovement
COMPARISONNET-2869Issue with MarkNestedContent option in SlidesBug
COMPARISONNET-2870Issue with MarkNestedContent option in NoteBug
COMPARISONNET-2871Issue with SummaryPage counters in DiagramBug
COMPARISONNET-2872Issue with HTML title in result fileBug
COMPARISONNET-2876Issue with MarkNestedContent property in DiagramBug
COMPARISONNET-2875Issue with disabling show inserted/deleted content propertiesBug
COMPARISONNET-2918Issue with changes counters in WordBug
COMPARISONNET-2919Issue with changes counters in PDFBug
COMPARISONNET-2898Issue when comparing grouped objects in PowerPoint documentsBug
COMPARISONNET-2873Presentation file comparison issueBug
COMPARISONAPP-71Wrong PDF pages heightBug
COMPARISONAPP-62Incorrect calculating of coordinates for PDF with ImagesBug
COMPARISONNET-2920Issue with changes counters in ImagingBug
COMPARISONNET-2509PDF comparison, output shows a warning messageBug
COMPARISONNET-2921Issue with Worksheets and MarkNestedContent property in CellsBug
COMPARISONNET-2922Issue with comparing tag attributes in HTMLBug
COMPARISONNET-2559Comparing particular PDFs return no resultBug
COMPARISONNET-2947Document comparison crashesBug
COMPARISONNET-2944Remove redundant span tagsBug
COMPARISONAPP-76Issue with HTML comparingBug
COMPARISONAPP-77Issue with image comparingBug
COMPARISONJAVA-981Alt text comparison issueBug
COMPARISONJAVA-979PDF with table of content comparison issueBug
COMPARISONJAVA-946Index Comparison in PDFBug
COMPARISONJAVA-875Can we compare cell borders and cell with filled colorsBug
COMPARISONJAVA-1185Comparing PDF files takes too much timeBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

  1. To see changes in the display of information about components with style changes, you can use the following code:
try (Comparer comparer = new Comparer(sourcePath)) {

    CompareOptions options = new CompareOptions();
    options.setDetalisationLevel(DetalisationLevel.High);, options);
  1. Learn more about getting result document with changed content replaced with empty lines can be found here.

  2. Learn more about сomparison of values from string variables can be found here.

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