GroupDocs.Comparison provides many ways to customize changes detection algorithm logic and produced results via changing CompareOptions class properties. 
Here are the list of settings that can be customized during comparison process:

  • CalculateCoordinates - Indicates whether to calculate coordinates for changed components;
  • ChangedItemStyle - Describes style for changed components;
  • DeletedItemStyle - Describes style for deleted components;
  • DetalisationLevel - Gets of sets the comparison detalisation level;
  • DetectStyleChanges - Indicates whether to detect style changes or not;
  • DiagramMasterSetting - Gets or sets the path value for master or use compare without path of master (this option only for Diagram);
  • GenerateSummaryPage - Indicates whether to add summary page with detected changes statistics to resultant document or not;
  • InsertedItemStyle - Describes style for inserted components;
  • MarkChangedContent - Indicates whether to use frames for shapes in Word Processing and for rectangles in Image documents;
  • MarkNestedContent - Indicates whether to accept inserted/deleted styles for all children of inserted/deleted components;
  • OriginalSize - Get or sets the original sizes of comparing documents;
  • PasswordSaveOption - Gets or sets the password save option. More details here;
  • SensitivityOfComparison - Gets or sets the comparison sensitivity. More details here;
  • ShowDeletedContent - Indicates whether to show deleted components in resultant document or not;
  • WordsSeparatorChars - Sets an array of delimiters to split text into words;

For more details about described options please refer to the following guides: