Introducing GroupDocs.Classification for .NET

What Is GroupDocs.Classification?

GroupDocs.Classification for .NET is a powerful and intuitive library used for texts and documents classification with several taxonomies. Documents could be in various formats,including Microsoft Word and OpenDocument Writer file formats, PDF documents, RTF and TXT. Classification results can be easily customized with multiple and flexible options.

Why Use GroupDocs.Classification as a Developer?

  • No additional software is required to classify texts or documents.
  • IAB-2 taxonomy for News/Cites classification.
  • Documents taxonomy for different document classes, such as Invoices, CVs, Forms, emails.
  • Sentiment taxonomy for the sentiment analysis (classification).

Online Demo

GroupDocs.Classification demo supports file and text classification with IAB-2 or Documents taxonomies (precision/recall balance has a default value for Documents taxonomy).