Introducing Web Report Generator

Introduction to Web Report Generator Powered by GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET

Web Report Generator is an ASP.NET Web forms application using GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET that demonstrates the core functionalities provided by GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET. The Web Report Generator allows user to easily create reports based on: a) Predefined custom templates (created in Supported Document Formats following Supported Template Syntax) and b) Your own database (MS SQL Server local OR Remote) tables, views and also with custom query. The UI of the application is kept very simple for easy understanding and developers can enhance the features as their own needs since it is an Open Source Project.


  • Connect to MS SQL Server local OR remote by providing connection string.
  • Populate and use Tables from connected database.
  • Populate and use Views from connected database.
  • Create and use custom query over connected database.
  • Upload and use MS Word Template file.
  • Upload and use MS Excel Template file.
  • Upload and use MS Power Point Template file.
  • Generate Report in a format as per source Template Document format.
  • Download generated report from web browser.

Development Environment


Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or greater versions are supported.


The application has been developed by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.Therefore, any IDE starting Visual Studio 2010 can be used.

Data Source Development tool

The sample database (as data source) has been developed in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. Hence, To attach the database, you need at least Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or greater versions.

Note: The database couldn’t be restored in the earlier versions than Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Supported Browsers

Any of the following browsers are supported to browse the Web Report Generator:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer (version 9 or later)
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

Technical Support Channels

Product Support Forums

The main channel of the Technical Support are Product Support Forums. Post your question in the Forum and it will be answered within a few hours. Please try to report one issue per thread with all details required to reproduce the issue.

For sales and License related technical queries please visit the GroupDocs.Purcahse Froum. Please note that GroupDocs.Purchase is a private forum and will require you to sign up with before you can view this forum.

Use and Contribute

Clone Web Report Generator

Get our open source showcase project GoupDocs.ReportGenerator from the source control. For this purpose, please feel free to clone the latest version of the project from our official Github repository to your local repository.

How to Contribute?

All of our Showcase projects are open source, using MIT license. Therefore, developers can freely use whole project or part of it in their applications. We would be happy if you want to contribute by suggesting or adding new feature or improving the existing ones, so other developers could also benefit from it. Happy coding!

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