Common Master-Detail Image in Word Processing Document

Common Master-Detail Image in Microsoft Word Document

Creating a Common Master-Detail Image

Please follow below steps you can create Common Master-Detail Template in MS Word 2013.

  1. Insert the desired shape to display image in it.
  2. Go to Insert Tab and select shape by clicking on Shape Icon.
  3. Save your Document.

Reporting Requirement

As a report developer, you are required to represent the information of the customers and products with the following key requirements:

  • Report must show customers’ picture and name.
  • It must associate the customers with their products.
  • Report must be generated in the Word Processing Document.

Adding Syntax to be evaluated by GroupDocs.Assembly Engine

<<foreach [in customers]»

<<image [customer.Photo]>>


Products: <<foreach [in Order]»<<[IndexOf() != 0 ? “, " : “"]»<<[Product.ProductName]»<</foreach»


Download Common Master-DetailTemplate

Please download the sample Common Master-Detail document we created in this article:

Generating The Report

Custom Objects

Database Entities

Using DataSet

Using XML DataSource

Using JSON DataSource

Common Master-Detail in OpenOffice Document

Creating the Template

OpenDocument Text (ODT) is a word processing document format which can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Word Document (DOC/DOCX) formats. Since ODT is not a Microsoft Proprietary format, there are multiple software (including Microsoft Office and Apache OpenOffice) available to create, open, edit and save this format. For more information on the available software to work with ODT, please visit wikipedia article.

In this topic, we’ll not reinvent the wheel to recreate a template for generating an ‘Common Master-Detail’ report in ODT format. Instead, we’ll save the existing template to ODT format using Microsoft Office. In order to achieve this; assuming you are using Microsoft Office 2010, please follow below steps:

  1. Open existing template we created in previous topic.
  2. Click “File” and select “Save As”.
  3. Select “OpenDocument Text” from “Save As Type” drop down.
  4. Click “Save”.

Download Template

Generating the Report

Custom Objects

Database Entities

Using DataSet

Using XML DataSource

Using JSON DataSource

ODT Template and Report in Apache OpenOffice

In order to check compatibility of ODT between Microsoft Office 2010 and Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2, we performed below tests:

  • We opened the ODT template created through Microsoft Office 2010 in Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2. The template opened successfully in Apache OpenOffice without any issues or formatting losses.
  • We opened the ODT report generated through GroupDocs.Assembly in Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2. The report opened successfully in Apache OpenOffice¬†without any issues or formatting losses.

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