Business Case of a Shopping Store

Business Case

  1. There are many customers of the shopping store.
  2. The store offers multiple products.
  3. A customer may place multiple orders.
  4. An order may have many products.
  5. The data may or may not be stored in a database system.

Reporting Requirements

  1. A report based on some criteria is to be generated.
  2. The report can be in any of the formats: Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations.
  3. The report developer must be able to define templates and then generate reports.

Business Objects

Class Diagram

Custom Objects

Here are our customer objects:

Database Entities

Templates Location

There is a fixed location of templates somewhere /Date/Source/. The report developer may create any number of templates and can create sub directories under /Data/Source/ in order to organize the templates as per convenience.

Reports Location

The reports can be placed anywhere under directory /Data/Destination/. The report developer can create sub directories and give name to the output reports as per convenience.

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