In-Table Master-Detail in HTML Document

In-Table Master-Detail in HTML Document

Reporting Requirement

As a report developer, you are required to represent the following key requirements:

  • Report must show each manager along with his total contract prices.
  • It must also show each individual client within the contract.
  • It must show sum of the contract prices.
  • It must represent all the information in tabular form.
  • Report must be generated in the Word Processing Document.

Adding Syntax to be evaluated by GroupDocs.Assembly Engine

«foreach [in getManagers()]» «foreach [in getContracts()]» «/foreach» «/foreach»

Manager/ClientContract Price
«[getName()]»«[getContracts().sum(c => c.getPrice())]»
*  «[getClient().getName()]»*«[getPrice()]»
Total:«[getManagers().sum( m => m.getContracts().sum( c => c.getPrice()))]»

Download In-Table Master-Detail Template

Please download the sample document we created in this article:

Generating The Report