GroupDocs.Assembly for Java 20.11 Release Notes

Major Features

GroupDocs.Assembly for Java 20.11 comes up with several improvements and bug fixes in working with charts, Markdown, JSON data sources, and other areas.

Full List of Features Covering all Changes in this Release

ASSEMBLYNET-172Support inline links for MarkdownFeature
ASSEMBLYNET-173Support inline images for MarkdownFeature
ASSEMBLYNET-165Nullable int is not recognized for JsonDataSourceBug
ASSEMBLYNET-166Chart legend entries removed in a template appear in a result Word Processing documentBug
ASSEMBLYNET-167Tag “removeif” throws NullReferenceException for a Word Processing documentBug
ASSEMBLYNET-168JsonDataSource cannot access a property having the same name as its containing objectBug
ASSEMBLYNET-169Tag “cellMerge” with empty cells throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException for a Word Processing documentBug
ASSEMBLYNET-170Tag “backColor” adds unwanted carriage return for a Word Processing documentBug
ASSEMBLYNET-171JsonDataSource throws DuplicateNameExceptionBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible ChangesĀ 

From now on, inline links and inline images (see Inline Link) are supported when saving assembled Markdown documents to Word Processing formats and saving assembled Word Processing documents and emails to Markdown.