Generating Report using Multiple Data Sources in Presentation Document

Generating Report in Microsoft PowerPoint Document

Creating a Template

  1. Add a bullet list at the place where you want it to display clients’ names.
  2. Insert a table with two columns, that will show managers’ and their contact prices.
  3. Save your Document

Reporting Requirement

As a report developer, you are required to generate a report that fetches data from two different data sources (e:g custom object, excel data table). Report must show following information:

  • Bulleted list of clients
  • A table showing managers’ along with their contract prices and sum of contract prices

Adding Syntax to be evaluated by GroupDocs.Assembly Engine

We provide support for the following clients:

«foreach [in getClients()]»«[getName()]»

Total Contract Prices by Managers

ManagerTotal Contract Price
<<foreach [group in contracts
.groupBy(c => c.Manager)
.orderBy(g => g.key)]>>
c => c.Contract_Price)]>>

Download Template

Get the template from here:

Generating the Report