GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 17.8.0 Release Notes

Major Features

Below the list of  new features and fixed bugs in this regular monthly release of GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET:

  • Implemented distance annotation adding for slides 
  • Implemented text annotations for Slides 
  • Added opacity for text annotations for Words 
  • Import text annotations for slides 
  • Fixed number of bugs from customers

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

KeySummaryIssue Type
ANNOTATIONNET-490Implement clean of distance annotationNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-489Implement export of distance annotationNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-488Implement import of distance annotationNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-487Implement distance annotation for slidesNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-485Simplify the cleaning of the document for the correct import of text annotationsImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-483Exception thrown when deleting annotation with multiple repliesBug
ANNOTATIONNET-482Import highlight annotation from slidesNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-481Import underline annotation from slidesNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-480Import strikeout annotation from slidesNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-479Import text annotations from slidesNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-477Implement opacity for text annotations in WordsNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-475Implement opacity for text annotations in slidesNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-473Export document to word creates multiple commentsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-471Change arrow shape for arrow annotationImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-468Implement underline annotation for slidesNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-467Implement strikeout annotation for slidesNew Feature
ANNOTATIONNET-466Implement text annotations for SlidesNew Feature

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes


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