Change image quality

Starting from version 22.4 it is possible to change quality of image representation of document by setting property

imageQuality - where the value from 1 to 100. 1 means lowest resolution, 100 means highest

Here is the example of the code:

using (Annotator annotator = new Annotator("input.pdf-file")) // specify the path to the input PDF file
	string dataDir = "input.pdf"; // specify the path to the input PDF file
    string data = "image.jpg"; // the path to the JPG file
    int pageNumber = 1; // set the page where the image will be inserted
    int imageQuality = 10; // set image quality from 1 to 100
    annotator.Document.AddImageToDocument(dataDir, data, pageNumber, imageQuality);

More resources

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Free Online App

Along with full-featured .NET library we provide simple but powerful free Apps. You are welcome to annotate your PDF, DOC or DOCX, XLS or XLSX, PPT or PPTX, PNG and other documents with free to use online GroupDocs Annotation App.