Supported Document Formats

For some file types, GroupDocs.Annotation saves the result in a different format. In this case, the output file type is specified after *. If no such symbol is specified, GroupDocs.Annotation saves the result in the original file type.

DOCMicrosoft Word 97-2003 Document(tick)
DOCXMicrosoft Word Document(tick)
DOCMMicrosoft Word Macro-Enabled Document(tick)
DOTMicrosoft Word 97-2003 Template(tick)
DOTXMicrosoft Word Template(tick)
DOTMMicrosoft Word Macro-Enabled Template(tick)
RTFRich Text Document(tick)
ODTOpenDocument Text(tick)
XLSMicrosoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet(tick)
XLSXMicrosoft Excel Worksheet(tick)
XLSM *xlsxMicrosoft Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet(tick)
XLSB *xlsxMicrosoft Excel Binary Worksheet(tick)
ODS *xlsxOpenDocument Spreadsheet(tick)
PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation(tick)
PPTXMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation(tick)
PPSMicrosoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show(tick)
PPSX *pptxMicrosoft PowerPoint Slide Show(tick)
ODPOpenDocument Presentation(tick)
TIF, TIFFTagged Image File Format (TIFF)(tick)
JPG JPEG  Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)(tick)
PNGPortable Network Graphics (PNG)(tick)
BMPBitmap Picture (BMP)(tick)
DWG *pngAutodesk Design Data Formats(tick)
DXF *pngDrawing Interchange Format(tick)
PDF (PDF/A-1a,PDF/A-1b,PDF/A-2a)Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)(tick)
HTM *htmlHyperText Markup Language (HTM)(tick)
HTMLHyperText Markup Language (HTML)(tick)
EMLE-mail Message (EML)(tick)
EMLX *emlE-mail Message (EMLX)(tick)
VSD *vsdxMicrosoft Visio 2003-2010 Drawing(tick)
VSDXMicrosoft Visio Drawing(tick)
VSDM *vsdxMicrosoft Visio Drawing File Format(tick)
VSS *vsdxMicrosoft Visio 2003-2010 Stencil(tick)
VSSX *vsdxVisio Stencil File Format(tick)
VST *vsdxMicrosoft Visio 2013 Stencil(tick)
VSTM *vsdxMicrosoft Visio Template File Format(tick)