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GroupDocs.Annotation is a powerful cross-platform library that allows you to implement in your applications the ability to annotate text or images in files of various formats. Annotations may be comments, explanations with highlighted notes, watermarks, polylines, text or resource redactions, etc.

With a powerful and simple API, you can do the following.

  • Annotate documents of any supported format;
  • Use annotations of different types - text, graphics, watermarks, revisions, etc.;
  • Customize annotations of each type, specifying the color, weight, and style of the font, opacity, etc.;
  • Provide the user with the opportunity to collaborate through annotations, comments, and responses;
  • Get file information such as file type, number of pages, etc.;
  • Generate preview file for precise placement of annotations;
  • Export or import annotations to a file.

You can use GroupDocs.Viewer across multiple platforms and operation systems:

  • Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Java 5 and higher

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