GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 20.2 Release Notes

Major Features

In this version Below the list of most notable changes in release of GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 20.2:

  • Ability to generate document page thumbnails 
  • Implemented ability to add ellipse annotation to different formats
  • Implemented angled watermarks for different formats
  • Implemented multi-paged TIFF annotation
  • Fixed errors in some methods in trial mode
  • Implemented link annotation in PDF, Presentations, Word formats
  • Fixed several bugs and issues

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

KeySummaryIssue Type
ANNOTATIONNET-851Add Thumbnails of the selected documentFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-869 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to PDFFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-870 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to WordsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-871 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to PresentationsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-872 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to ImagesFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-873 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to SpreadsheetsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-876 Implement angled watermarks for PDFFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-877 Implement angled watermarks for PresentationsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-897Implement working with multi-page TIFFFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-904  Add GetPage convert options for multi-page TIF / TIFFFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-905 Implement ability to add ellipse annotation to DiagramsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-919 Implement angled watermarks for SpreadsheetsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-920 Implement angled watermarks for ImagesFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-922 Implement angled watermarks for DiagramsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-941Implement Link annotation for PresentationsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-942Implement Link annotation for PDFFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-943Implement Link annotation for WordsFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-1011Add supporting another Presentations formats: PPTM, POTX, POTM, PPSMFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-1037Credit based billing for Metered licenseFeature
ANNOTATIONNET-964GetPdfFile method doesn’t implement converting documents with passwordImprovement
ANNOTATIONNET-843Only first page is saved in output when Multi-Tiff file is annotatedBug
ANNOTATIONNET-898Import annotations for Images doesn’t close streamBug
ANNOTATIONNET-899AnnotationImageHandler.GetDocumentInfo exception in trial modeBug
ANNOTATIONNET-914Annotation not apply if page number not defined in WordsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-918PenWidht and PenColor annotation properties can’t be applied in WordsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-923Comments can’t be set to shapes in PresentationsBug
ANNOTATIONNET-950Remove annotations fails with Spreadsheets documentBug
ANNOTATIONNET-952Documents with password are not converted to PDFBug
ANNOTATIONNET-963GetPdfFile method returns broken fileBug
ANNOTATIONNET-965ImportAnnotations method doesn’t close source stream for TIFF filesBug
ANNOTATIONNET-986Issue with getting document info in trial modeBug
ANNOTATIONNET-987Export annotations to tiff file issueBug
ANNOTATIONNET-986Issue with getting document info in trial modeBug
ANNOTATIONNET-987Export annotations to tiff file issueBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1142 Text annotation doesn’t add in XLS fileBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1164 Annotating an empty cellBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1165 Cannot add text annotation into XLS fileBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1171 Annotation added in wrong place in XLS fileBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1176 Null pointer exception while annotating TIFF fileBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1215 DocumentType is nullBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1216 Cannot get file not from a storage pathBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1244Cannot open doc with passwordBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1248 Cannot remove polyline annotation in pptx fileBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1249 Wrong top position for text annotation in pptxBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1250 Cannot add text replacement annotation in word fileBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1251 Comments for distance annotation don’t save in word fileBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1252 Text replacement annotation looks like a strikeoutBug
ANNOTATIONJAVA-1253 Cannot open file without licenseBug