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Area annotation allows you to mark up a rectangle area within the document page and annotate it as shown in the picture below. 

You can use the following methods to set the properties of the AreaAnnotation class:

To add an area annotation to document, follow these steps:  

  1. Instantiate the Annotator class. Specify the input document path or stream.
  2. Instantiate the AreaAnnotation class. Specify the appropriate properties (position, page number, etc).
  3. Call the add() method. Specify the AreaAnnotation class.
  4. Call the save() method. Specify the output document path or stream.

The following code snippet shows how to add AreaAnnotation to the document:

// This example demonstrates adding area annotation.

// Create an instance of Reply class and add comments Reply reply1 = new Reply(); reply1.setComment(“First comment”); reply1.setRepliedOn(Calendar.getInstance().getTime());

Reply reply2 = new Reply(); reply2.setComment(“Second comment”); reply2.setRepliedOn(Calendar.getInstance().getTime());

java.util.List replies = new ArrayList(); replies.add(reply1); replies.add(reply2);

// Create an instance of Annotator class Annotator annotator = new Annotator(“inputPath”); try { // Create an instance of AreaAnnotation class and set options AreaAnnotation area = new AreaAnnotation(); area.setBackgroundColor(65535); area.setBox(new Rectangle(100, 100, 100, 100)); area.setCreatedOn(Calendar.getInstance().getTime()); area.setMessage(“This is area annotation”); area.setOpacity(0.7); area.setPageNumber(0); area.setPenColor(65535); area.setPenStyle(PenStyle.Dot); area.setPenWidth((byte) 3); area.setReplies(replies);

// Add annotation and save to file

} finally { if (annotator != null) { annotator.dispose(); } }

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